Giacomo Micheli

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I am a tenure-track assistant professor at the department of mathematics of University of South Florida.

Mainly, I am interested in arithmetic over finite fields and number theoretical questions motivated by computer science. More in general, I love whenever pure mathematics is applied to solve concrete problems.

If you want to share some ideas or questions feel free to contact me. In particular, I like very much to think about coding theory or cryptography questions where number theory plays an important role.

What's new:

- Check out my new paper with Andrea Ferraguti An equivariant isomorphism theorem for mod p reductions of arboreal Galois representations, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, DOI:10.1090/tran/8247


My research is supported by the National Science Foundation grant number 2127742 link



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Department of Mathematics
University of South Florida
Room: CMC 322
Tampa, FL 33620

Personal e-mail address: gcmmch AT
Work e-mail address: gmicheli AT